I like making things pretty and coffee and essential oils and very dry white wine.

I like saving money and helping people and succulents.

I especially love to let my hair float in the lake.

Duluth became my home on a whim one day in 2003 because I thought it was pretty. Now, I can't imagine ever living anywhere else. Ever.

I started blogging about a year before my oldest was born. It started as a way to document our journey from a couple of single twenty-somethings who spent Sunday afternoons sitting at the Brewhouse playing cribbage to (GASP!) parents. I bought a fancy camera and did my best to learn how to use it. I took pictures of every single thing I could and documented every single thought that went through my brain about becoming a mom.

I talked about how I resented my c-section to the point where it sent me into a year-long depression and then about how the VBAC I had with my second sucked equally as bad.

I talked at length about the stubbornness that goes into breastfeeding and how the four years I spent tethered to a breast pump were hands down the hardest years of my life.

I wrote monthly and yearly letters to my children. I wanted them to see their childhood through my eyes.

And, then one day, a friend sent me the Facebook profile of someone who had taken my kids' pictures and was using them as her own. She was pretending to be their mom. I panicked that day and deleted it all. All of the pictures, all of the memories, every single thing I felt about becoming a mom and I walked away from blogging once and for all.

I've missed it though. I've missed talking (to myself) and I've missing the therapy that I find in talking about the good stuff and the hard stuff. I met some of my very best friends through blogging.

Magpie Morning came from that.

It came from my need to talk. My need to share my story. My need for therapy.

I promise to tell it like I see it and I promise to give grace and love to everyone who is fighting this thing we call life.

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