This election is ugly, I get it. I want to disappear into an oblivion and resurface sometime around December when it’s over. I’m with you.

But, here’s the deal. I owe it to my children to not do that. You owe it to your children to not do that.

Regardless of which side of the train wreck you’re on, you have a choice here. You can choose not to stoop to the level of the people around. You can choose not to fill your children’s hearts with hate and judging and political banter. You can choose to help them navigate what they are hearing at school and to choose a path other than “I’m moving to Canada if Donald Trump wins.”

It took my breath away to hear my seven year old say that and it’s not because I’m a Trump supporter. I’m not. The feminist, the I-Am-A-Strong-Woman-Hear-Me-ROAR in me wants to jump onto Facebook and rant about his complete hatred towards women and minorities. It’s not OK and I’d love nothing more than to throw my hands up and start shouting about it.

My little guy’s complete unknowing “opinion” took my breath away because he’s judging and knowing everything about everything based on the opinion of the kids at school.

And you know what the kids at school are bringing in?

Hate. They are bringing in more hate. Towards one side or towards the other, they are filling our schools and the minds of the future of this country with hate.

You know where they got that? They got it from watching YOU.

Let that sink in. They are WATCHING YOU.

Be better than that, my fellow moms and dads. Show them love. Show them compassion. Show them how to look at the issues and teach them about history and help them understand it. Refuse to allow them to see the presidential election as a reality TV show.

We can do better.

Don’t perpetuate the hate. You can choose love instead.

If not for you, for the little people that are watching you and learning from you. For their children. For their children’s children.

If the world is a stage,remember our childrenare sitting in the front row.

-magpie morning