I’m still processing the weekend and the pictures but there are a few people that were there that are part of my tribe, my family, my support system and well, I want to tell them thanks. Thanks for showing up. Thanks for making me who I am. Thanks for loving me anyways.

The short story of the weekend is that we watched a very small and struggling community of around 5,000 people pull together for the second year in a row to raise over $10,000 for kids, for education, for innovation, for teaching outside the box, for The Mr. Pete Foundation. The money was raised for a foundation that my friend and I created in honor of my dad who is in the late stages of Lewy Body Dementia at the age of 68. The money was raised in the honor of a few of his passions… education, community, hockey.

The long story is more complicated. The long story has me weak at the knees some days. Some days I wonder how I can be spending hours raising money for kids in his name when he’s sick and he could use me there holding his hand and helping him with his lunch. I wonder if I should be writing thank you cards or driving up north to help my mom with laundry. It’s a battle for me. An eternal struggle. A struggle that often leaves me completely overwhelmed and questioning every single move I make.

I carry on with the foundation for him… because I know he’d want me to. I know he’d be so proud of me and my sisters and my mom and my friend. I know he’d smile so big. I know he’d give me a high five and tell me that I’m so brave. I carry on because this weekend I watched his face light up at the faces there to support our family and our community even if he couldn’t remember their names.

This weekend, I watched a man who went from my hometown… to Harvard… to law school… to the NHL playing for a Stanley Cup… to currently being Ryan Suter’s agent… I watched him drive five hours north in the middle of what is certainly the busiest time of year for him to speak about my dad and the impact my dad had on his life. My dad was his coach and his friend for many years. He talked about kindness and about dreaming BIG and he talked about humility and he talked about giving back much more than we take. He told us all about how my dad taught him all about that. He learned that from my dad. I learned that from my dad.

A room full of people. My dad’s support system, my friend’s support system, MY support system. And all I could think was that the reason that I get up in the morning and the things that make me who I am… they are because of my dad. He taught me. And I’m so lucky to have so many amazing friends and supporters that were there to hear it. Thank you. Thank YOU. Thank you.

Dream Big. Be Kind. Be Humble. Give Back More Than You Take.

Dream Big.Be Kind.Be Humble.Give Back More Than You Take.

-magpie morning