SO. It turns out that having three kids is indeed busier than having two. I guess I knew it would be but after the first few months of The Beast’s life went fairly well, I got sort of confident that we were going to get through this one without wanting to kill each other.


And man, keeping up with the cooking and the laundry (HOLY CRAP THERE IS A LOT OF LAUNDRY) and the dentist and the well-baby checks and the “PLEASE HANG YOUR EVER-LOVING COAT UP AND PUT YOUR SHOES IN THE BINS FOR THE SEVEN HUNDREDTH TIME THIS WEEK” and the pumping eighty-two times a day turns out to be a lot of work.

I try to enjoy it. I find the days slipping by without making those memories I want to make and there are days when that frustrates me. I climb into bed and give myself a pep talk almost every single night.

“You are going to miss this.”

“They don’t know that you didn’t get the chance to do that art project with them.”

“They are perfectly content eating chicken nuggets for the fourth time this week.”

The baby’s five month post came and went without me ever finding the time to write it. There are thousands of pictures on my hard drive that haven’t been processed. The flowers that the kids and I picked out on Mother’s day are still sitting on the deck waiting to be planted. The yard needs to be mowed and there are dishes piled in the sick. The floor is sticky with baby food and the dining room table looks like a Mermaid Birthday Party threw up all over it.

But, this is our life. And on the good days I wouldn’t change it if I could.

You're gonna miss this.

-magpie morning